Playing back these animations

Most of these animations are in TCA () format. You can play these back on PCs or Acorns using The Complete Animator, or using our innovative cross-platform network-aware peer-to-peer screen-saver program.

Some are also available in FLC () format, which is an animation format devised by Autodesk for their animation products. An FLC player for MS Windows is available free from Autodesk; one for RiscOS is available from Hensa or its mirror at Imperial College; and the xanim program for X Windows will also play FLC files. People who play FLCs won't be getting the full effect, though, as FLC doesn't support a sound track, or pauses between frames. The FLC films here have been compressed using gzip, the GNU version of zip, and you'll need the gzip program to decompress them (use gzip -d file). An MSDOS version of gzip can be found here, and a RiscOS version here. (Note: These are UK sites, and so if you aren't in the UK there may be places closer to you where it'd be quicker to get them from.)

Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer can browse some of the films as inline AVI files (not a great idea, as the AVIs are huge); users of Netscape 2.0 or later can browse some as inline animated GIFs (a much better idea, as GIF's compression method is much better suited to them).

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