DataPower 2 download page

Please note: This free download allows you to update your existing copy of DataPower 2 to the latest version. It does not allow you to update a copy of DataPower 1 to DataPower 2.

Don't forget to upgrade your server software as well, if you're using client/server mode.

Note for Acorn users:
The Acorn versions above now work with RISC OS 4 and/or the SimTec IDE card.
Because the installer has changed, you must update your master disc before installing - please read the new instructions carefully.

Mailing lists


If you have problems with the latest version of DataPower, first contact the discussion group above to see if someone else has experienced the same problem.

Some problems are very specific to individual databases: if you can't work round the problem with the latest version of DataPower, it may be worth trying an older version. Check out the 'Improvements' list below to see what changes have taken place.

Improvements in version 2.19

  • Improved conversion of DataPower 1 files with summary fields
  • Value lists that open automatically on entering the frame now correctly select the field text
  • SetCurrentDB command in script files now works properly
  • PC: Export report as MetaFile now deals with subviews correctly
  • PC: Join dialogue now shows the correct join type when first opened
  • Acorn: Export report as DrawFile now deals with subviews correctly
  • Acorn: Fixed problem with linked Artworks files that could cause a crash

Improvements in version 2.18

  • DataPower scripts can now be created and executed from external programs
    • See the script documentation here
  • Editing summary field formula with "For" clause now works
  • Join to deleted field is now correctly ignored
  • Commas in search and update expressions now work
  • Crash on closedown in PC site licence version fixed

Improvements in version 2.17

  • Windows 95/98 exploding menu bars fixed (at last!) - Windows NT already worked
  • PC and Mac font scaling problems sorted out (Acorn was already OK):
    • Caret is correctly positioned within text when scale isn't 100%
    • Right-justified text now lines up correctly
    • Text doesn't spill over the edge of formatted frames
    • Text isn't clipped at the edge of auto-expanding frames
    • [ Note: text is reformatted when the scale factor changes, but that's a problem with the PC and Mac font systems which can't be helped! ]
  • PC version now support Defaults\Holidays.txt (for working day calculations) - Acorn version already did
    • Mac version uses Defaults:Holidays in a similar way
  • PC version now supports Defaults\Servable.txt (for selective client/server access) - Acorn version already did
  • Holidays file updated (now goes up to 2020 rather than 1999)
  • "Prompt when saving record" option now works in a more useful way
  • PC version now supports JPEG files - Acorn version already did
  • Print Options now supports "Scale to fit"
  • PC dialogues changed to match the Windows style (OK/Cancel in that order)
  • Frame Style dialogue now uses tabs (Border/Margins/Colours)
  • PC and Mac graphing now supports horizontal bar charts
  • Graphs are automatically scaled to fit any paper size (landscape or portrait)
  • Transparent GIFs now properly supported
  • Field-level password access control in client/server mode improved
  • Various bugfixes in script procedure call area
  • Seek() function works better in client/server mode
  • Attempt to set a relationship between a table and itself is now correctly disallowed

Improvements in version 2.16

  • PC version now works in client/server mode with Windows Terminal Server and MetaFrame clients
  • Acorn version now works in client/server mode with LanMan98
  • When dragging a set of frames, only the one you actually clicked on is snapped to the grid or other frames
    • (this avoids the unwanted effect of the frames moving relative to one another)
  • PC version now has proper mouse pointer shapes when editing the layout (eg. "grab" hand)
  • Various bugfixes in the scripting area (mainly error recovery)

Improvements in version 2.15

  • The "improvement" of the query engine in version 2.13 has now been removed!
    • This was the bit that allowed more flexible searching and sorting within a subview query, eg.
      • Fields in the main body from tables other than the main table
      • Fields in a subview from tables other than the subview table
      • Summary fields
      • Formula fields in subviews that are defined at the query level
    • Unfortunately this also meant that the query engine was much less efficient in a lot of common cases!
    • The main restriction now is that you can't sort on the 'one' side of a many-to-one join in a subview query,
      • eg. in the Invoices example you can't sort the Invoices layout on the customer's postcode
      • you can overcome this by creating a select join between Invoices and Customers,
      • then using this query in place of the Invoices and Customers tables within the 'Join for Invoices' query
  • "Down first" option at top level now prints out correctly (used to work on screen but not in printout).
  • New FileName function returns relative path to a linked file
  • New FileData function loads a file object from a relative pathname (which can be a string expression).
    • Use Graphic(FileData(filename)) to load a graphic from a relative pathname.
  • New FileLink function is similar to FileData but returns a link to the specified file.
  • New script command: SaveData(filename,data[,format])
    • When saving text files, the line terminator format is set to the default for the current platform,
    • or you can specify format=1, 2 or 3 for Acorn/PC/Mac format.
  • Very similar command: AppendData(filename,data[,format]) appends to an existing file.
  • Script command Layout(layout,query) now does them in the right order, so it works if the query isn't compatible with the old layout
  • Close window didn't work in SQL mode
  • Better error recovery when opening a layout that's attached to a query with an error in it
  • Clicking on a script button while editing a query in edit layout mode now does nothing (used to crash sometimes)
  • Now recovers from errors in linked file frames when loading a layout, so you can continue and correct the error.
  • Query of a read-only query wasn't properly marked read-only (now marks parent of a read-only query read-only unless there's a join involved).
  • Now works if you display a SQL query with calls to global functions in search/sort/tables mode.
  • Sometimes crashed if you closed a database after creating a new file but before saving it.
  • Table with clustering key including all fields used to crash.
  • Acorn: DataPower can now be installed on the BDFS filing system.

Improvements in version 2.14

  • "Down first" implemented in Alter Page dialogue for top-level body records (now works as for subviews, for arranging in columns rather than rows)
  • File=>Reorganise implemented
  • Working week functions now know about public holidays in 1999
  • PC: File=>Print Options implemented (for "Print Current Record" and "Print Scale")
  • PC-format KeyPlus files can now be recognised and read in directly
  • Bugfix: buffer overflow problem when loading KeyPlus graphics
  • Bugfix: toggling between all records and subset didn't always redraw subview contents
  • Bugfix: Sometimes crashed if you sorted on a top-level formula field in a query
  • Bugfix: Sometimes crashed if you added a record then immediately switched to a related layout before saving the new record
  • Bugfix: Error in default formula could lead to old field data being lost if you edit the layouts and save
  • Bugfix: Sorting on a summary field didn't always work if there was more than one group by field
  • Bugfix: Index updating didn't always work when deleting from a join (eg. when deleting the last record)
  • Bugfix: Update only updated the first record in a table
  • Bugfix: Some subviews in complex queries didn't redraw properly
  • Bugfix: Script function recordset.Field() didn't report fieldname if reference was ambiguous
  • Bugfix: Default formulae in queries now work much better
  • Bugfix: Script function recordset.Update didn't always update the record
  • Bugfix: Copy record (Ctrl-Shift-Num-Plus, or right-click on Add) crashed with some queries
  • Client/server bugfix: Sometimes crashed if client had an error while saving the layouts, then tried again
  • Client/server bugfix: Query locking problem occurred if you did a search in browse mode, re-edited the last search, then pressed Cancel
  • Client/server bugfix: Updating layouts while in client/server mode didn't work if formula fields used the FILE() function

Improvements in version 2.13

  • The query engine has been overhauled, to allow much more flexible searching and sorting:
    • Search and sort now work on all fields in a query, including:
      • Fields in the main body from tables other than the main table
      • Fields in a subview from tables other than the subview table
      • Summary fields
      • Formula fields in subviews that are defined at the query level
    • The one exception that still doesn't work is:
      • If you search or sort on a formula field in a subview that refers to fields outside the subview, the contents of the subview won't be filtered or sorted, since the query acts at the top level of the query, not within the subview. To fix this, you need to add a rename of the main table to the join and alter the field references in your formula so they refer to the rename instead of the main table. This allows the rename of the main table to be treated as being within the subview, so the formula no longer refers to fields outside the subview.
    • Note that you've always been able to overcome restrictions in the query engine by splitting up your queries into subqueries, but the new version allows you to get a lot further without having to resort to doing this, so keeping the simplicity of using a single query for a layout.
  • All platforms (Acorn, PC and Mac) now support playback of Complete Animator files directly within a database.
    • Film speed and pause are supported
    • Sound and fade will be added in the future
  • The 'Fast Search' flag has been fixed
    • When a field has this flag set, searches on that field have the "Allow substrings" option disabled, so that if the field is indexed, searching will be very much faster.
  • Bugfix: No longer crashes when CSV or Tab files are loaded directly into DataPower to create a new database
  • Bugfix: Pointer shape and internal state are correctly reset if you close the window containing the pointer using a keyboard shortcut
  • Acorn: Various flex memory problems (leading to intermittent crashes) have been fixed
  • Various script functions that can return errors are now correctly handled

Improvements in version 2.12

  • Field=>Formula menu now works as documented (sets Sum/Count/Average/Min/Max for a summary field).
  • Subview now has a "Fill to end with blank records" option.
  • Auto-scrolling while dragging text now works
  • Conversion from tables view to SQL now works correctly with left/right/outer joins
  • Search for Null on right-hand side of a left join now works
  • PC: Problem with Windows 95 scrolling in report mode fixed
  • PC: MetaFiles (WMF, EMF and placeable) are now supported
  • PC: Acorn graphic formats are automatically converted to PC format when pasted into Windows apps
  • PC: Invalid dates such as 31st February are no longer accepted!
  • Keyboard shortcuts have changed to allow Ctrl-N to work on PC version (New file):
    • Snap to frames is now Ctrl-R (was Ctrl-N)
    • Add record is now Ctrl-Num-Plus (was Ctrl-E)
    • Copy record is now Ctrl-Shift-Num-Plus (was Ctrl-R)
    • Delete record is now Ctrl-Num-Minus (as well as Delete)
  • PC: On startup, a New/Open dialogue is presented
  • PC: On New File, the New/Open dialogue is presented to allow file creation from a template
  • Template files are now supported: the file format is identical to a that of a normal DataPower file, but when loaded, you start off in Edit Layout mode, and when you click OK, you're prompted to save the file under a new name. The original file data is then merged across to create the new file.
    • Acorn: filetype &C29 is a DataPower template
    • PC: file extension ".dpt" is a DataPower template
  • PC: Various items on the toolbox and in dialogues that have popup menus now have a small down-arrow on the right-hand side to indicate that there's a popup menu available (on the Acorn, the mouse pointer changes instead).
  • PC: The query toolbar popup uses the down-arrow icon, rather than the Acorn right-arrow
  • Acorn: Formula evaluation speed improved in pathological case (was due to poor memory management)
  • Client/server problems when saving to a new file fixed:
    • Default formulae referring to global scripts now work
    • Some files that didn't save all the tables now work correctly.
  • Mac: Adding DrawFiles in formulae now works correctly
  • Mac: DataPower window resizing now allows the whole extent to be shown (used to hide the bit under the scrollbar).

Improvements in version 2.11

  • Tables can now be deleted completely (Layout=>Delete Table, or Ctrl-Delete in relationships view)
  • Formula and script editor restores frames selection before saving
  • Copy/Paste of fields from one database to another keeps the fieldnames
  • You can now search on a read-only field
  • Drag/drop between fields now recovers correctly if both fields are made invalid
  • Drag/drop of text now gets the correct field locks in the right order
  • Editing a field's name in a query now (correctly) only alters the leafname
  • Altering a hard-named field's title in a query now doesn't alter the name
  • Acorn version: drag/drop of text from one field to another doesn't scramble the text
  • PC version: double-clicking on a file field now opens (or runs) the file
  • PC version: OSCLI function now works (for running external batch files or documents)
  • PC version: links correctly to files with long filenames
  • Client/Server: Value lists now work correctly
  • Client/Server: Executing a script on the client side doesn't lose the caret on the server
  • Client/Server: Escape key now works correctly
  • Executing a script while in search mode now works
  • Moving a table in join view now doesn't convert from SQL
  • Merge correction dialogue (error in field / try again) now works correctly
  • Select query with left join and null condition on right hand side now works correctly
  • Numerous other bugfixes that are too obscure to explain here!

Improvements in version 2.10

  • Searching: Add, Refine and Any are back by popular demand
  • Fields can now be deleted completely (use Ctrl-Delete to delete frames)
  • Multi-column subviews supported (across first or down first)
  • Extra script commands implemented (Seek, KeepIndex)
  • Summary fields show their context in the formula (eg. Sum('f1') For 'Table2')
  • Bug in processing of summary fields fixed (gave "Mismatched quotes" error)
  • Bug in formula window command list fixed (crashed when 'Statements' opened)
  • Bug in layout editor fixed - empty text frames were not automatically deleted
  • Bug in client/server loading/saving of passwords fixed
  • Redraw problem with value list downarrow in transparent frame fixed
  • Doesn't get upset if you delete the query that the layout's currently attached to
  • Doesn't create a "Join for layoutname" query if you open the relationships
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