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The DataPower Reader is a freely-distributable version of DataPower that has all the features of the full version except the ability to edit the database structure (ie. the layouts, scripts, fields and stored queries).

For DataPower users, this means that you can distribute your database files along with a copy of the DataPower Reader to allow other people to use the fruits of your labour, without them having to buy their own copy of DataPower.

There is one proviso: this version doesn't support client/server mode, so if you want to provide a multi-user database to a third party, they will have to buy a DataPower site licence in order to use it.

Mailing lists


If you have any problems with the latest version of DataPower, first contact the discussion group above to see if someone else has experienced the same problem or has found a solution.

Some problems are very specific to certain databases: if you can't work round the problem with the latest version of DataPower, it may be worth trying an older version. Check out the 'Improvements' list below to see what changes have taken place.

Improvements in version 2.19

  • Improved conversion of DataPower 1 files with summary fields
  • Value lists that open automatically on entering the frame now correctly select the field text
  • SetCurrentDB command in script files now works properly
  • PC: Export report as MetaFile now deals with subviews correctly
  • PC: Join dialogue now shows the correct join type when first opened
  • Acorn: Export report as DrawFile now deals with subviews correctly
  • Acorn: Fixed problem with linked Artworks files that could cause a crash

Improvements in version 2.18

  • DataPower scripts can now be created and executed from external programs
    • See the script documentation here
  • Editing summary field formula with "For" clause now works
  • Join to deleted field is now correctly ignored
  • Commas in search and update expressions now work
  • Crash on closedown in PC site licence version fixed

Improvements in version 2.17

  • Windows 95/98 exploding menu bars fixed (at last!) - Windows NT already worked
  • PC and Mac font scaling problems sorted out (Acorn was already OK):
    • Caret is correctly positioned within text when scale isn't 100%
    • Right-justified text now lines up correctly
    • Text doesn't spill over the edge of formatted frames
    • Text isn't clipped at the edge of auto-expanding frames
    • [ Note: text is reformatted when the scale factor changes, but that's a problem with the PC and Mac font systems which can't be helped! ]
  • PC version now support Defaults\Holidays.txt (for working day calculations) - Acorn version already did
    • Mac version uses Defaults:Holidays in a similar way
  • PC version now supports Defaults\Servable.txt (for selective client/server access) - Acorn version already did
  • Holidays file updated (now goes up to 2020 rather than 1999)
  • "Prompt when saving record" option now works in a more useful way
  • PC version now supports JPEG files - Acorn version already did
  • Print Options now supports "Scale to fit"
  • PC dialogues changed to match the Windows style (OK/Cancel in that order)
  • Frame Style dialogue now uses tabs (Border/Margins/Colours)
  • PC and Mac graphing now supports horizontal bar charts
  • Graphs are automatically scaled to fit any paper size (landscape or portrait)
  • Transparent GIFs now properly supported
  • Field-level password access control in client/server mode improved
  • Various bugfixes in script procedure call area
  • Seek() function works better in client/server mode
  • Attempt to set a relationship between a table and itself is now correctly disallowed

Improvements in version 2.16

  • PC version now works in client/server mode with Windows Terminal Server and MetaFrame clients
  • Acorn version now works in client/server mode with LanMan98
  • When dragging a set of frames, only the one you actually clicked on is snapped to the grid or other frames
    • (this avoids the unwanted effect of the frames moving relative to one another)
  • PC version now has proper mouse pointer shapes when editing the layout (eg. "grab" hand)
  • Various bugfixes in the scripting area (mainly error recovery)
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